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If I hadn’t been an Economics researcher…

June 13, 2012

…I would have been a music researcher. For many years I took my music-theory self-education quite seriously; up until I was accepted at UNAM‘s National School of Music where I studied the first year of the BA in Classical Composition but had to abandon it to focus on my Economics BS. I’ve played guitar at a couple groups (I played traditional Mexican music in one and blues/rock in the other) and keyboards/computer music at another where we focused on experimental music: microtonality, just intonation and the like. Sadly, I have almost no recordings from those days. One of the very few “almost finished” materials I have was actually “recorded” almost ten years after it was composed.

This was the entrance examination I wrote for joining the National School of Music. It was only played once and this video consists on virtual instruments playing the written music shown in the images, which was all I had ten years later.

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